Unite and Dance

Silent Dance Installation by PS: Cultura mit DIE VIELEN HAMBURG

At the heart of the 3-hour silent dance installation are three intercultural channels received via Bluetooth headphones:


1) Arabsphere - music from the Arab world of North Africa and the Near East,

2) African Vibes - more music from Africa,
3) European Heartbeats - music from Europe that incorporates elements and influences of African and Arabic music.
The three channels are played simultaneously on headphones. You can decide individually which channel you want to listen to by pressing a button on your own headphones.
Dance, dance, dance! Belly dance meets German rap, soft sounds meet the hard rhythm of Afrobeat: become part of a big whole, a unique dance performance.
Unite and Dance is not meant to take place in clubs. The Silent Dance Installation is offered in cultural institutions - as a conscious sign for diversity and for tolerance. It is silent and not loud, but the message is! Against pressure from the right. Against racism and any form of discrimination. Music and dance for the exchange of cultures.
Cultural venues for this event are foyers of museums, galleries and theatres.